Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beginning Blogger ... that's me!

I've had a little practice on Myspace, http://www.myspace.com/stair_mom and Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500776825 but people seldom read them. Not like many people will read this either. Go ahead, prove me wrong!

I had trouble coming up with a blog address and a title ... thought of using a play on words with our last name, but I'm sort of tired of that; especially after all these years of having it misspelled and mispronounced, i.e. "Picture, Pritchard, Pritcher, Picher .. you get the idea. So instead, I chose the dearest thing to our family's heart for the title, being Proverbs 3: 6a, and an all encompassing "name" for our address!

Pitchers past would include my hobby/research in genealogy; not only the Pitcher familybut the allied families of Bill and me which include: Lines, Wier, Thayer, Haight, Jones, Sherman, Beebe, Emery, Shepherd, Quick, Alverson, Bunting/Bunton, and others.

Pitchers present would include our family of 3 boys and their families (got to love those granddaughters!); our occupations: Bill's forthcoming retirement from NYSDEC (and subsequent part-time work somewhere in law enforcement!) and my work as a teacher's aide; Our new business: Little Red Tractor Company of Meco ... dealing with mostly, but not limitted to Farmall/IH tractor parts and attachments. Let's not forget Bill's Harley Davidson ... though I doubt Bill will be writing on here any time soon! I may post some pictures as photography is a hobby of mine ... and shared with my daughter-in-law, Julie (she's much better than I!) We'll also include our Christian family! Baptist Church of Northville http://www.bconny.org/ is our church family, but our Christian family has brothers and sisters from all over! Check out the church website for interesting news, announcements and events plus the photo gallery is SUPER! We are also a part of Peace Officers for Christ International, Bill being a regional representative. Check them out at http://www.pofci.org/.

Pitchers future would include our realtionship with Jesus Christ, our Savior! Our future is in heaven, of this we are certain! No hocus pocus ... just plain God given faith! He sought us, bought us with a price, we answered his call. Are we perfect? Not by a long shot, but we are forgiven by God's grace through the saving work of Jesus Christ. He paid for our sins by shedding his blood .. an atoning sacrifce... in our place!

May our postings be fun, informative, and most of all, pleasing in His sight! Go, God!