Monday, April 25, 2011

Ramblings or Rumblings ... just not quite sure.

It's raining
It's pouring
The old man
is getting sick and tired of this weather.

Yeah, I know it doesn't match up with my other poetry ... in fact, there's no rhyme nor meter to make it work even a little bit. *sigh*

Just wanting spring to come "for real." The peepers have been driven back once ... My mom said they had to be driven back 3 times in order for it to be spring, but she lived in central NJ and I don't. I SAY they only have to be driven back once!

Warmer temps promised this week .. oh, that's right, if you have warmer temps you have to have rain! I told a friend this morning that I would settle for gray skies and dry pavement.

I'm sure all this damp and chilly weather has been the reason for my creative writing block. I can't even be funny about bad weather. Have you seen any "smileys" in this post? No. You haven't. I'm not smiling. I almost did in the 2nd paragraph, but it was replaced by a *sigh*.

I'm not posting a new poem until the sun shines warm upon my face and NO rain falls upon my fields... and until one pops into my head. That's how they happen, you know. I never really plan them. I have had a new title for one, but the words just haven't materialized ... LOL (kidding). I really didn't laugh ... but really DO have a new title waiting for inspiration.

It's most always God who inspires me in one way or another ... he uses people and nature over and over again. I say "most always" because I'm honest. Sometimes it's just me, but those poems never seem to "gel."

I believe all talent is from God. How you use it depends on you, and you can be influenced by other than Godly things. It breaks my heart to see God given talent being unused, misused or worse, abused. Everyone has talent. Ask Him what yours is and then use it for His glory. It can be life changing, mind boggling, very rewarding and will most likely make you smile :-)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What’s this I see
on my hillside tree;
a bud so soft and gray?
I’m surprised it popped out
without giving a shout
on this crisp,
not quite spring kind of day.

What’s that, you say,
tree buds aren’t gray?
Then give me a hint if you will,
and identify that
which feels like a cat
and bursts forth every year
on my hill!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brownies from Scratch

I can't tell you the last time I made brownies from scratch. Isn't that terrible? What kind of a mother/homemaker am I to have relied on Duncan Hines Brownie Mix all these years? Oh, once in a while I would switch to Betty Crocker's Brownie Mix, and rarely *insert your store name* Brownie Mix. Why, I even splurged at times and got the Duncan Hines DELUXE Brownie Mix. But today is different. You see, yesterday was our son Chris' birthday and since he was about 12 years old, has requested brownies for his birthday; brownies with powdered sugar on top. He hasn't requested them in years and in fact, I think the last time we made brownies for him on request was back when he turned 21 and was just finishing boot camp in South Carolina. I relegated the baking to our niece who was living with us at the time. She eagerly purchased good 'ol Duncan Hines and set to work mixing and baking and sugaring. It was delicious looking when it was all finished and we carefully packed it up and placed it inside my carry on bag for the flight to South Carolina. Can you see where this is going? No you can't! We arrived in South Carolina around midnight after leaving work, and a VERY long delay due to thunderstorms only to find our "reserved" rental car was nowhere to be found. We called our rental agreement people and complained and was told to go back to the counter and have them call. We were given an "upgrade" from a "full size" sedan to a "sport utility" ... well, that sounded nice enough but it had a gazillion miles on it and sounded like the nuts and bolts that held it together weren't doing a very good job. It also used dual definition for the word "shocks." We had no choice. I don't remember the hotel. I only remember falling asleep, exhausted and ready to see our son who had overcome some nasty boot camp illness/injuries just in time to graduate :-) Though we couldn't have contact with him, yet, we were allowed on the grounds where they were assembling in their companies. He was in Delta and we thought we spotted him. Took pictures of the whole group and then realized we were in the wrong company. Ooops! They all look alike with their uniforms and tanned faces and necks :-) We went to graduation and spotted him with his outfit ... he was the one limping but only slightly! Our eyes followed him and him only. After graduation we were able to join him for dinner at the NCO dining hall and a walk/ride around the base. He took us everywhere and showed us everything. We got to go to the commissary where he purchased a flight bag. Now, since he was finally allowed off base, we offered to take him anywhere he wanted to go. "You name it, Chris, we'll go there!" What did he choose? Ready for this one? WALMART! He could see it every single stinkin' day he ran. In the freezing rain, in the regular rain, in the high humidity of springtime. He wanted to go to Walmart. So we did. I don't recall any of us buying anything there, but he enjoyed all the colors besides green and tan. We drove passed the zoo and thought it would have been nice to go there but I guess boot camp was zoo enough for Chris! We found a very nice area near a pond and some ironwood trees where we could take some pictures and sit quietly to talk. Oh, yeah .. and eat brownies! He was sure surprised; not once but twice. Sadly, our niece did not realize and we did not check but the Duncan Hines Brownie Mix contained walnuts. :-( Oh, Chris, we are SO SORRY! He does not like nuts (still doesn't) but he managed to find his way around them and so enjoyed his birthday brownies and it was just a few days after his real birthday! On his real birthday, he was busy experiencing the tear gas room (gag). Since it was his birthday, they gave him (and his buddies) cake to eat first ... there was a whole lot more than just tears leaving those poor boys according to Chris, except for him. He forced himself to keep it down. Good boy! Just like his Daddy! *ding* .. really! The timer just went off as I was typing the last sentence. I can't believe it took me 45 minutes to type this. They do look and smell REALLY good! So, 'fess up folks, let me know how many other lazy bone cooks are out there substituting box mixes for the real thing. I KNOW I'm not the only one! PS ... my pancakes are from scratch lest you think I'm a total lazy wife and mother!