Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lessons Learned From Little Ones

I remembered an old lesson during a conversation the other day. Every time my friend tried to talk to an adult, her little one would say, "Mama!" or "Mama?"  My friend had mentioned this phenomenon to me earlier in the week and I simply nodded and remarked that I remembered my own doing it, and there were stories of my sister, too...but what I witnessed was an incredible show! It started with, "Mama!" Then louder, "Mama!!"  Then louder, still, "MAMA!"  Now we yank on Mama's clothing and use the word mama as a question, "Mama?" Louder, "MAMA??"   I could hardly contain myself!  Normally, she is not allowed to interrupt but if you are a mama, then you can picture this scenario. Sometimes you just get used to hearing that word: "mama!" I'm not sure how long she had been saying it but I definitely heard "MAMA" 5 or 6 times and finally, her mama stopped talking, dropped her head down to simply look at her daughter. Daughter didn't realize she now had her mama's undivided attention and continued to yank and call, "MAMA?" There was a slightly audible sigh as my friend gently stroked her daughter's head and quietly called her by name and said, "R------, what?"  "R------ stopped saying, "MAMA?", looked up at her mama and clue remained in her pretty little head of what she wanted her mama for :-)  Every nearby mama smiled. It was Mother's Day and each one knew that this mama loved her little one and the little one knew it, too. This is the way it should be.

Today I had another opportunity today to witness mama love but no mama was present. You see, S---- is in pre-kindergarten and when asked what his favorite thing to do was, immediately had an answer "I like to play on the grass outside with my mommy."  He told me all about playing with "Mommy" and drew a nice picture in his journal where I helped him write his sentence. He circled his 'high frequency words', "I", "to", "on", and "the" and I went on to the next child at his table of little friends. Some time later, while sitting on the carpet area of the classroom, waiting for children to settle down, S----, with a happy little face, asked me, "Do you know mommy loves me?"  I could feel my smile spreading from my lips to my cheeks to my eyes and beyond..."Yes, S---- I know Mommy loves you."  He, still grinning from ear to ear, said, "You do?" I nodded my head and he nodded his.  He carries his mommy's love with him to school each day. This is the way it should be.

Thank you, ladies. You know who you are and you are setting such good examples for your children and you are the BEST role models for other mamas/mommies!

I have another blogging friend who is a new mama/mommy and I know you would like to read her latest entry. She doesn't have the time to write like she did before her little Mister was born, but she made up for it with this newest one:  Thanks for the encouraging words, Monica; you are SO on your way to being one of the best moms!