Friday, October 30, 2009

Well, it sure was a quick summer, if you can call it that! Just two weeks of hot weather was not enough for me. I really needed more swimming time and the vegetable garden was just too wet. I'm sure in a few years, when we need the rain, I'll think back on this summer.

Fall fell quickly. The colors were not as brilliant this time around, but beautiful nonetheless. It's been
quite rainy and I'll try hard not to complain but I can't help wondering if all of this precipation continues into winter; the cold, COLD winter, what will winter be like? :-)

Bill and I are enjoying our retirement to the max. I'm subbing where I want, when I want and am just thrilled to help out old friends, meet new ones and see "my" kids from yesteryear as they grow through the grades at the other schools.

We enjoy cooking and have showed off a bit: Bill with his Blueberry Grunt and me with my Apple Pie which took 3rd place at a contest.

At church I am volunteering a few times a week, sing in choir, am on the music committee and head up the Drama team. Once a week I get to play with our granddaughter, Isabella, which helps out her mommy as she bathes their show dogs, works on her painting and other things that need attention from grown up fingers, not little ones!

Bill is now on the board of dirctors at Sacandaga Bible Conference where he has been voluteering this past summer. He's working P/T with the Montgomery Co. Sherrif's Office, still and continues to help out at SBC.

We managed to sneak away at the beginning of fall ... to find the last vestiges of summer down in NJ, DE and MD.

Bill and Julie are busy at work in New Jersey, but come up very often to help out at Sacandaga Bible Conference as the cooks. Granddaughter, Erika and granddoggie, Dito sometimes come to spend the nights with us. This makes Grammy and Papa very happy!

We were able to purchase another 12 acres of land attached to ours which will give us a measure of privacy as the Avery's begin to sell off their Christmas Tree farm here in Meco. Bill has been clearing out some of the overgrowth in a few areas and we should have some nice little trees of our own. This clearing out has given us fuel for some bonfires in the back yard. Mmmm S'mores!

It's been a quiet time of life for us and we really like it this way! Family, friends, a little work a little play ... a lot of God who sustains us in all we do.