Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Six Minutes to Thursday ... oops!

1. Picture postcards were first printed back in the mid-1800's and deltiology is the official name for postcard collecting. When did you last send a postcard?  Receive one? Do you save postcards sent to you? Do you collect and/or send postcards when you travel?

Last send a postcard?  Oooohhh.... I can't remember!  It was probably from Maine, many years ago. The last post card was probably from my sister-in-law when they were visiting family out west.  She was big into post cards when the rest of us were discovering instant photos on Facebook!  I sort of collect them ... as in I never throw anything out :-)

2. What treat do you most like to indulge in while on vacation?

Definitely eating out!  We plan our meals and restaurants carefully and enjoy every last morsel!

3. Are you good at hiding your feelings?

Mostly more than less ...  it depends on how tired I am.

4. Does your town/city/county still deliver telephone books to your home? Do you check the yellow pages when searching for a local business number or has the internet replaced the phone book in your home?

Why, yes! Just had our yellow pages delivered a few weeks ago.  If the computer is on, I use the internet, otherwise I'll flip the pages.

5. Would you rather be first or last?

Depends on what is going on....   I'm not terribly competitive.  For interviews, definitely neither!

6. July is National Park and Recreation Month (in America, but everyone can still play along)...where and when were you last in a park?  Did you participate in any recreational activities while you were there?

Ahhh!!  Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island in Maine!  We walked and took lots of pictures.  We have biked the carriage roads on previous visits.  We have also taken in sunrise on Cadillac Mountain... where the sun first rises on the east coast of the United States!

7.  What was one of your worst ideas?

Let me think.  I guess, continuing to ski when I knew I had hurt my knee in a fall while x country skiing.  It felt "funny" but didn't really hurt.  ....til later.

8.  Insert your own random thought here:

Near "Thunder Hole" (which really does 'thunder' at the right time of tide) in Acadia National Park

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Right on Time - Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's one simple small pleasure on your summer 'to-do' list? 

Finish reading a few books. I love to read and occasionally have spare time!  Amazing!

2. Do you have strong feelings or opinions regarding the immigration debate in your home country? Feel free to share your thoughts, but please play nice.

Too late at night to really discuss this topic; here's my short version. If you want to live in this or any other country, follow the laws that are already in place. Don't sneak in; get a passport and visa if it's required. Learn the language. Get a good paying job; it won't bother me if you take it away from someone else ... chances are if you "took it away" they weren't doing a good job or were not qualified to begin with!

3.  What's something in your home or wardrobe that could be described as 'star spangled'?

I have a white shirt with a simply beaded American flag on it.  I love that shirt! I also have a hand panted shirt with stars and stripes. 

4.  Is your house set up for a party?

Uh, no.  It was barely ready for company but we' have had 2 families in as many weeks!  Love them both dearly, and they didn't mind the clutter!

5. What one never-before-visited city in America, would you most like to see?

Hmmm... Anchorage Alaska..  Also thinking of Boulder, Colorado. 

6. Your favorite red food? White food? Blue food?

Red food: Fresh strawberries; White food:  home made bread; Blue food:  Blue food?   Let me think.... not blue berries as they are too tart.  I know! Blue Corn tortilla chips!

7. What freedom do you value the most, and why?

Freedom of religion followed closely by Freedom of speech.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

It did not rain today.  This is good news!