Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Glory

The wind and rain have swept most of our beautiful leaves from the trees and on into the next county ... I do not remember such a windy, rainy autumn before. However, there is one tree whose leaves are intact! Our "October Glory" maple tree in the front yard. We've had it for about 6 years and is just now beginning to look like a "real" tree. We'll be old before it is big enough to be called a shade tree but that's ok. I love to look at the leaves in November when all the others are gone. We have bird feeder in it, now ... actually found a branch strong enough to hold one ... and the birds figured it out in no time flat!

Been enjoying something a little different on the internet: A blog written by a former Amish woman who is still just a conservative, country, Christian girl with a darling family. She has a very interesting story .. a GREAT memory of her plain life growing up and tells it well. She occasionally has giveaways and here is one of them. I think she enjoys autumn just as much as I do!