Monday, December 26, 2016

Poem (re-post) #1 ... cheating, I know!

Mittens or gloves is the question

the answer to which I am certain

lies on the inside

where fingers and thumbs cry

for comfort, warmth and protection!

Working in the school district full time for over 20 years has allowed me the opportunity to view first hand how parents dress their children. Now, why would parents send their kids to school in the wintertime, knowing there is outside play at recess, with no snowpants, no boots, no hat (or hood on their jacket)and only stretchy gloves, if any, for hand protection? Poor kids have to borrow mittens/gloves and hats from the teacher or nurse's office and then stand where it is plowed and just watch the other kids play. What great memories those kids have ... NOT! The rest of the kids are building snowmen, playing King of the Hill on the snowbanks and making forts. They aren't allowed to throw snowballs at each other but in the past we've managed to find a way to play "snowbaseball", where I pitched and they batted (using their arms,)

So, parents, dress your kids (and yourselves) for the weather. It's winter! My final words go back to my poem: Mittens are always warmer than gloves since your fingers get to hang out together and share body heat. I even slip my thumbs out of their little home to be curled up inside my hand and sometimes I even drive the car that way! Just sayin' .. .around our house, mittens makes the difference between happy hands or a miserable grandmommy!