Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankfulness (never ends)

So thankful we have things to be thankful for! Our tummies are still full from breakfast, dinner and dessert :-) Many thinks to Chris and Kristen for such a variety of pies and a welcome into their new home! We've had some snow flurries and even enough to cover the ground so we could wake up this AM to a blanket of white .. even thankful for that! It was so pretty.

Wanted to mention that one of my favorite bloggers has another book giveaway!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankfulness (cont'd, still)

My thoughts on thankfulness continues with friendship and all we share with each other. Joys and triumphs. Saddness and sorrows. Sometimes your friends are closer than family and that's not a bad thing, really! Here are a few ideas on friendship:

1. Never gossip about your friends. EVER.
2. Walk away when someone else starts to gossip .. about anybody! You can let them know why you walked away, later.
3. Make lots of friends ...younger ones, so that when you get older, you won't be the one saying "Goodbye."
4. Pray for them, often. Don't wait to be asked .. you already know most of their needs, anyway.
5. Call them if you haven't seen them in awhile ... keep in touch via phone, mail, email and social networks. There's really no excuse.
6. Send them Christmas cards. They aren't expensive and it is still fun to get stuff in the mail addressed personally.
7. It's ok to be friends with your adult kids, but let them have their own friends. You can be friendly with them but from a distance. The reverse is also true.
8. Friendship is cultivated ... like a flower garden. Friendships don't grow over night. Acquaintances, do; friends do not.
9. Some friends can be dropped in on; some friends can't. Be a good friend and figure this out.
10. Don't be afraid to say "No" to a friend. If you are too busy, too tired, too 'whatever', your friend will understand. If they don't, then perhaps they are only an acquaintance.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankfulness (cont'd, again)

Oh, how I love my family! I am so thankful for the parents I had, my brothers and sister. But I am most thankful for my husband and children God gave me. They are my present and will be my future, as well!

My darling sons who married my daughters-in-love give me wonderful things to think and pray about each day. My two granddaughters of sweetness fill my days with pleasant thoughts and plans for future fun. But it's my husband of 36 years who absolutely thrills my heart. Chosen for me and arriving on my doorstep "by chance" one afternoon ... I am SO glad I listened to that still, small voice of God!

We do so much together. I remember listening to the laments of some people who have retired and can't stand to spend so much time together and I can assure you, we do not have that problem! We are both semi retired and can't find free time anywhere!! How did we ever manage when we worked "for real?" It will be fun growing old with him .. if we choose to grow old, that is ...

We love to cook and it would be fun to try some new recipes from this cookbook if I win it :-) Yes .. another giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankfulness (cont'd)

There are so many things to be thankful for: My church family, who being far from perfect, is quick to pray and help out on a moment's notice; not because they have to, or it's expected but because they genuinely care for one another. There are some who come to church to "get something out of the sermon" but many come simply to worship with others of like faith.

We have a senior pastor that is so in tune with the things of God, desiring to serve, he can barely pull himself away from work, even if he is sick! I love his dedication. He is such an example for the rest of the flock. These same things can be said of our Associate Pastor, too! He is such a man of character. The two of them work well together.

The deacons and trustees are a trustworthy group of men, ready to act and quick to fix things that are troubling. We have deaconesses who serve the Lord so willingly and many have no clue what they even do! It was assumed I was a deaconess one day, and I was quick to say no (I'm not) but I was very flattered. It would be an honor but it should never be taken lightly. I would have to pray about it because there are duties that need to be done and a right heart with the right time needs to be present... not left over time given grudgingly after a busy day.

If you have church family like this, be sure to thank your leaders! If you DON'T have a church family like this ... maybe YOU are the one God's been waiting for! So, start something :-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Indian Summer and Thankfulness

We have had 2 days of 50+ degrees and SUNSHINE! I didn't get much done the first day, but today I managed to clean out the car; trim 3 small trees, two lilac bushes, and cut down the goldenrod that grew along the side of the garage (it was pretty when it was yellow ... but it isn't yellow any longer!) I raked out the flower beds, transplanted 5 pots of chrysanthemums and had my hands so dirty, I was not able to ge them clean when by the time we went to prayer meeting! I have garden gloves... can't stand to wear them.

We also put a pump in the water that has collected on the cover of the pool. We've had so much rain, that the sides of the cover were almost slipping over the edge of the pool! We have 3 pillows in it, too. I'm hoping we can switch to snow, which will blow off more quickly than water can evaporate :-)

Getting my thoughts together for Thanksgiving; thinking of cooking a small dinner this year as we are not sure who will be here. We always have a big breakfast and that seems to be a big hit. Here's my thought: Big breakfast, small dinner, Big dessert. If they come, they can eat if they don't, there's always leftovers!

Things I'm thankful for: First and foremost, my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and His saving grace! My husband, helpmeet, soulmate, chosen and delivered by God himself to my front door 37 years ago! Long story ... quite comical, I may share it some day. My children and their families.

Thankfulness to be cont'd ...

Monday, November 8, 2010

First Snow

The first snow is always exciting, and though it did not really accumulate on the ground, it was certainly pretty as it fell! It would be a lot prettier if it had not been accompanied by sleet and rain, first! The roads were not too bad, so I traveled a bit to have supper with Bill; ham and potaoto soup and a ham sandwich on walnut bread :-) Delicious! Bill was working for the Sheriff's dept. though and was kept busy investigation accidents most of the afternoon and evening. He finally got to the country store where I had finished my supper, but he got to enjoy his.

I really need to make my own soups; It's not like I have to go to work every day! The first on my list is Hamburg Chowder. I'll make enough to freeze some, too. I'm going to try a beef stew and freeze that, too. It's soup/stew weather. Snow flakes and all ...

Another great give-a-away from one of my favorite bloggers, Mary Ann from: If my name comes up in her ranodm drawing, I will definitely enjoy reading this book! I love pioneer type stories and since this pioneer woman and her family was friends with Mary Ann's grandmother, well, that just makes it even more special!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Which is Worse .. Halloween or the Elections?

Halloween, with it's very un Christian practices has come and gone. If it were just a children's fun thing to do .. gathering candy while wearing costumes, it would be ok; but it isn't. Nuff said.

The "mid-term" elections are almost here. I can not tell you how grateful I will be when it's over. The phone calls, the nasty ads on TV, the stuff in my mail box ... I am so discouraged by politics, especially this year in the great state of NY. I don't want to vote for governor because I do not like anyone running .. and there are 7 of them!! I could complain but ....

Our pastor gave a one liner just before our prayer time this past Sunday that felt like a special little slap ... I can't quote him, but basicaly he said: 'Our God is in control, regarless of who wins these elections ... therefore there is no need for you to be pessimistic...."

We love our pastor! I wish he would run for governor ... he's honest, intelligent, genuinely loves all people. He hates sin, spells out salvation to all who will listen, believes the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and preaches to this effect. Of course, if became governor, he would no longer be our pastor .. so I won't push the issue :)

Thinking of the Reformation era martyrs on this November 1st. Quite a rough road for those who believed as I do now, back in the 1500 and 1600's. For some the road led to certain death, but this was not unnoticed by our God.

My pretty little maple tree in the front yard is still pretty. The last to turn color, I get to keep it right into November or unitl the first killing frost. I should post a picture .. let's see if I have one....NOPE! I'll have to change that.

Time to catch up on some favorite blogs .. catch you later!