Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whoa! Wednesday Almost Slipped Past Me!

1. What question do you often ask yourself?

I wonder if I can get away with eating this cookie?

2. Do you grow roses? What's your favorite color of rose?  Ever been given a dozen roses?  Where was the prettiest rose or rose garden you remember seeing?

Lots of Rose questions...  I have two rose bushes. My favorite would be yellow (bright). My husband gave me a dozen roses just once. Prettiest rose garden? Would have to be at Yaddow Gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY. 

3. Do you read the freshness dates on grocery store products?  Will you use eggs past their 'use by' date?  Take medication that's expired? Buy a dented can?  

I always read the freshness date ... especially for milk.  I never shy away from "expried" anything!  Topical medicine is good, in my book, way past the "use by" date. Medicine taken orally, needs to be no older than 1 year.  Eggs are fine well past their date and dented cans are ok if there is absolutely NO rust and no swelling.

4. Should athletes be role models?

All people in the public view should be role models.

5. Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal became the first explorers to reach the top of Mt. Everest on this date (May 29) back in 1953. What's something you hope to achieve in your lifetime?

Oh, my.  It's too late at night to seriously think about goals.  However, I love the idea of role models from a previous question, and I sincerely hope that I have been a positive role model (and will continue) for not only my own children, but the children I've worked with at school and through church.  You're never too old and it's NEVER too lat for that!

6. What would you do if you had twenty acres of land and the money to develop it any way you choose?

Well, we just had to give up the idea of acquiring an additional 11 acres which would have brought our total acreage up to about 24.  We already have a small Christmas Tree farm, and would probably have kept the additional acreage pretty much wild ... a place for the wild to roam and the curious to walk and take pictures. It would be something nice to leave our children.

7. If I invite you to a party with a 7 PM start time, what time will I actually see you there?

7PM  (unless you need help, and then I'll come earlier!)

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I can't believe how tired I am.  Managed to get 8 hours of yard-work done before it rained .. AGAIN!  The lawn and flower beds will be beautiful in a few weeks and that will be my reward!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge ~ Right on Time!

1. When the children of today grow up, what do you think they'll say about this period in time? What do you most hope they remember? 

Well, this is a toughie...I had to think about it, but here goes:    I'm hoping they will be enjoying the freedoms our country has stood for and will be saying something like, "Our parents had to struggle with a meddling government, but we've  managed to turn it around!"    I'm hoping they remember that although there were struggles they lived through (financial, moral, political) that God was watching and waiting the whole time and always in control.
2. National Teacher's Day is celebrated in the US of A on the first Tuesday in May, this year May 7th...share how a particular teacher positively impacted you.  
Only one?  Ok, I'm choosing Miss Spalding :-)  She was pretty old when I had her but she still had lots of patience dealing with those rascally boys in our 4th grade class!  She was patient with the talkative girls in class as well.  She was kind and caring... letting me soothe my little friend when another classmate hurt her feelings in a terrible way. My brother had her, too, so she was familiar with my family and would come to our restaurant once a week for supper... usually on the same night I was there :-)  She loved nature and taught us kids all about flowers and trees having us bring in different specimens for a contest in the springtime.  I didn't win, but that was ok because  I have retained a good portion of that education in nature being able to share with my own children. She came to my high school graduation and hugged me to pieces. 

3. What's a dish your mama made, that if set in front of you today would whisk you right back to childhood? 

Meatloaf. Definitely meatloaf!  ... and "cornstarch pudding" for dessert.                                                                         
4. Mother May I was a game we played when I was growing pieces, parts, or plugs required. What games from childhood do you remember loving that were also pieces, parts, and plug-free?

Red Light! Green Light! was a favorite; Freeze Tag, TV Tag, and acrobatics on the lawn ... I'm telling you, we rivaled some of those Olympic participants!

5. Besides your own mother, tell us about a woman who influenced you as a child?

My sister, Barbara, was already grown up, married and had two children by the time I can really remember ... my nephew was 3 months older and my niece was 2 1/2 years younger than me. Her life was difficult for many reasons but I got to watch her continue to mature into a loving mother, working girl, caring wife and daughter and as always, a faithful sister.  She included me in so many activities with her own kids. We had only a few disagreements in our adult years, but love has a way of gluing relationships back together!   Though I was no longer a child, I watched her miraculous comeback from a stroke at age 69 and her successful determination to be independent! She died suddenly, two years from complications involving osteo arthritis and a weakened  heart. I miss her very much.

6. Mamma Mia! What's the best play or musical you've ever seen? 

Phantom of the Opera ~  

7. What are three smells that make you feel nostalgic?

Specific perfumes, popcorn, and hyacinths

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

My friend, Loretta,  died today. I made this my Facebook status for the day and kept reminding myself throughout it:

How can our hearts be heavy and filled with joy at the same time? By the power of the Holy Spirit! Thank you, dear Lord, for the life and homegoing of our dear friend. She has fought the good fight that is spoken of in the scriptures and has finished her race. May we learn from her example and be found as faithful.