Monday, July 24, 2017

Only a Few Days Late Hodgepodge

1. Growing up, were you close to your grandparents? Tell us one or two specific things you remember about them.

Both sets of grandparents died long before I was born. I "adopted" other kids' grandparents and one in particular stands out.  Nana and Poppie. Nana and Poppie lived up our country road a few miles, where Poppie and his son owned a small salvage yard, did car repairs and such. They were a well known and well liked family.  Poppie and Nana both had jobs outside of the garage; Nana was the head cook at our K - 12 school and Poppie drove the small school "limo" that picked up some kids who lived across the creek so too far to walk, but not near the other bus routes. We're talking country.  Nana always seemed to loved having us kids come visit. There was always a cookie or two waiting. She had paper dolls and just 'stuff' that was cool for little girls to play with. I don't remember Poppie talking that much, but he always seemed to be laughing. Chuckling, may be a better term!  I'm smiling as I type this. We girls were always given permission to play in the old cars and sometimes we would find money! 15 cents was like a treasure! Even thought we would find money, Poppie wold always give us a nickel for the candy machine :-)   When Nana retired, she took up woodworking... building all kinds of things. I had moved away by then and never had the privilege to see any of her work. There was no internet back then. I'm still friends with their granddaughter. Nana and Poppie have been gone quite a while, now, but the memories linger... just like Poppies chuckle! 

2. What's an item you were attached to as a child? What happened to it?

My brown Teddy.  I didn't call him anything but Teddy; differentiating between the 4 or 5 I had was easy... this one was the one that I slept with and he was soft, warm and cuddly.  My cousin, Kenny, decided Teddy needed a bath while we were visiting my Aunt and Uncle (his grandparents.)  It was extremely humid and Teddy did not dry for days. I was quite the upset 5 year old, I can tell YOU!  Though he eventually dried out, his fur never felt the same, but he was still warm and cuddly till one night I dreamed of a black bear at my window who said, "Little Girl, if you cry I'll eat you up!"  I didn't cry; I let out a blood curdling SCREAM.  When I woke up, Teddy was underneath me, his little plastic paw poking me in the back.  He was relegated to the shelf on my bed from then on.  I kept him until he began to disintegrate when my oldest was a baby... just couldn't save him. Such a good bear. Mostly. 

3. When you look out your window, do you see the forest or the trees (literally and figuratively)? Explain.
Today, I see the forest. I'm fighting a summer cold that really has me down. Like there's no way out...  Ugh.  Normally I see the trees. Literally and figuratively. A nice expanse of lawn in front and a meadow with Christmas trees for sale in the back separates me from the actual forest. 

4. Do you like sour candies? Which of the 'sour' foods listed below would you say is your favorite?

grapefruit, Greek yogurt, tart cherries, lemons, limes, sauerkraut, buttermilk, or kumquats 

Have you ever eaten a kumquat? What's your favorite dish containing one of the sour foods on the list?

No to sour candies. Sour Patch Kids (orange) were the only ones I'd try.  I like buttermilk pancakes and lemon in my ice water but that's about it.  

5. July 1st marked the mid point of 2017. In fifteen words or less, tell us how it's going so far. 
Going quickly. Weird weather. Grandchildren growing. Pool's delightful WHEN sun shines. God is good, always.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

When planning crafts for boys, always be sure to have enough for "do overs"... they are worse than GIRLS!  LOL! - Arts and Crafts Lady from  Sacandaga Bible Conference

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hodge Podge Kind of Summer

1. When was the last time you chatted with a neighbor? About what? (sharing that last bit is optional)

I think it was two days ago. We were comparing (complaining) about our inground pools...  I may like mine later this summer, but being a salt water pool, keeping the salt number where it belongs has been a pain. They replaced the board in the computer... it was new... it's better but not right. 

2. River, lake, ocean, or waterfall...which one are you most like and why?
I'm definitely an ocean. Deep in thought and a wide expanse... never mind. 

3. July 13 is National Delaware Day. Ever been to Delaware? Delaware is called 'the first state' because it was the first to declare independence from the British. What's your state's nickname and does that moniker make sense to you? If you were in charge, what nickname would you give your home state?
Delaware is the ocean. Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island (I think is another area... great food.)  I'm from the Empire State of NY. It makes sense. I wouldn't change it. 

4. What dish did you contribute to the last pot luck meal you attended? Do you have a go-to recipe for pot luck suppers?
I can't remember... I think it was in the spring. It was probably a chicken dish, or maybe Rice Krispie Treats... hahaha!!! That's a joke for some of you readers... 

5. What is your number one tip for a brand new parent?
Never wake a sleeping baby.  If they're asleep, you should be, too! 

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Usually I insert a picture but I'm so late this time around...about 6 months late... I think I'll go with a thought:  I'm thinking.... some advice, maybe...   Here goes:

Always leave 2 eggs in the refrigerator!  Instruct your family to NEVER take the last 2 eggs... someone may desperately need them for baking ... cookies, for instance!  IF you find only 2 eggs in the refrigerator, go to the store and buy more or at least tell the one who does the shopping!