Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  What creeps you out?

Creepy people. Every once in a while, I'll meet someone, usually a man, who simply gives me the creeps.  I'm always on guard; having had a creepy man bother me when I was little.  Fortunately, my mom was also creeped out by this man and nothing happened.  

Spiders also creep me out.  If they come in the house they are goners!  

2.  What's your least favorite candy?

I love candy!  However, if there is the slightest taste of coconut, it, too is a goner!  

3. Are you a fan of scary movies?  What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?

No!  Not sure of the name of it, but the canopy on the bed came down and smothered the woman!  

4.  What part of life confuses you the most?

Trying to understand why, when given great opportunities, some people just pass them by; choosing a life of degradation or crime instead, dragging their children with them.  

5. Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy...your favorite seed?

Sunflower seeds. Mmmm!    

6. Imagine your life ten years from today...what's changed?

I've gotten grayer, slower, thinner (wishful thinking) but will still be enjoying our adult granddaughter and our teenage granddaughter!  YIKES!  Perhaps there will be another grandchild in there somewhere, as well!  Hopefully, we'll be traveling in the winter to avoid the cold temperatures!

7.  What do you a) love most and b) like least about the Hodgepodge?

I just started up with Hodgepodge last week ... I like everything about it!  There is nothing I dislike ... except that I have to remember when it is Wednesday!  

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I didn't think anything could be worse than waiting these last few weeks for the elections to be OVER; and then came Hurricane Sandy.  My heart aches for those who are suffering so.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

I'm not sure if I was driven by laziness or fascination, but I have decided to join the Wednesday Hodgepodge Q & A bloggers. Started by Joyce from, I first encountered this concept via Mary Ann at whom I admire very much, for many reasons. A few other fellow bloggers have joined and I've decided to add to the fun.

Now, sometimes, these Wednesday Hodgepodge entries can be of a serious nature, but most of the time they are lighthearted and can be quite entertaining.  This is my first attempt at answering Joyce's questions and I sure hope I have followed the rules to posting because I really don't like embarrassing myself in public :-)  Here goes:


1.  So, do you like beer? 
No, not really... The first sip has a unique flavor that I like but then it's gone. My husband and I chose to not drink alcoholic beverages many years ago, but occasionally he will have a non alcoholic beer and give me the first sip. He's sweet like that!

2.  What's your least favorite repetitive task? 
Hmmmm... I had to think about this one. I really dislike cleaning house in general and perhaps it would be mopping floors.  I always have a good feeling when the kitchen floor is clean, but it just doesn't motivate me to want to mop again and again!

3.  When was the last time you rode a bus?  Where was it headed? 
  Oh, boy! The last time I rode a bus was in my line of work. I substitute for teachers and teacher aides in several school districts, one of which has Pre Kindergarten where the children come in and go home on a school bus.  The aides ride in with the PM class of children since they are the only ones one the bus and each time I sub for the aides, I get to ride the school bus!

4.  What song from your childhood or from your own children's childhood could make a parent's nerves stand on end? 
Our family was one who sang a lot and our children loved to sing their camp songs all the way home from camp.  Camp was 3 hours away......   We used to have to put an end to the song, "Blind Man" even though it had great content, the tune just dragged.  We would even cringe when the young people at church would want to sing it.  Shame on us.  

5.  The US Presidential election cycle is drawing to a close (can I get an AMEN??), and the third and final debate was held last night...what was the last thing you 'debated about'?
My husband and just returned home from vacation and I suppose we debated about what time we should leave... actually, neither of us wanted to but we had to.  I really wanted to leave later, but ... he won.

6.  Can a person make too much money?  How much is too much?
No, I don't think a person can make too much money. As long as they are earning it legally and paying their taxes and other bills, it's no one's business how much they make, really.  How they spend it is their business, too, but I would hope those who make too much money, if it were possible, would invest wisely.

7.  Pop-soda-coke-something else...what's it called where you live?
Soda. However, we live very close to the "border" of sorts that separates the Soda from the Pop. I just learned last year that in some areas, all soda is called Coke ... I found that interesting. Good plug for Coca Cola, I suppose, but as a family we prefer Pepsi products.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Random thoughts are tough ... forces me to be somewhat creative and the creative juices have not been flowing, lately.  I wonder if a photo would be acceptable?   :-)   Our vacation was awesome! We spent time with new friends, old friends, great family and even some time alone! Alone (as in just the two of us) on Hilton Head Island, SC was my favorite time alone; very little noise, just enough people to make it friendly, the ocean water was SO warm and in the late afternoon, the pool at the resort was also warm and very inviting.  Here's our sunrise: