Friday, June 25, 2010

Ta Dahhhh!!! Summer!

Well, the first day of summer was an absolutely beautiful day but I had to work :-( However, subbing is over and mini golf is here .. with me ... right here under my feet! Running Grandview Mini Golf this year instead of our oldest son and his wife will prove an interesting occupation for the summer months. 7 days a week with a great helper in the AM on weekdays but still, no running away with my hubby for at least 2 1/2 months!

Of course, we already ran away to Oklahoma for Shelly and Jim's wedding (awesome) ... (I think their video stream has been removed) and a family reunion with distant cousins ... a great trip, too! No rain til we were headed back through Tennesee and Virginia. Got to visit some really great people and were treated to some fine dining and entertainment!

But now, it's time to work and garden and vaccum the pool .... ick ... what a shock THAT was when we took the cover off! For the last two years, our springs have been cool and the pool water has been ok at first peek ... but not this year! Maybe if we had opened it sooner than usual, but we weren't going to be home ... oh, well; we're hoping for some swim time on Monday ..

Looking forward to spending a little more time with my granddaughters this summer .. maybe at the same time and in the same place :-)

Congratulations go to our neice, Amber, who graduated with honors this past weekend. You GO, girl! She's headed for Bible School on Long Island and then perhaps nursing school. Our nephew, Brandon is also graduating this weekend and I have no idea what his plans are but he is a great kid and will be successful no matter where he goes or what he does!

Bill and Julie are working at Sacandaga Bible Conference ( ) for the summer. Julie for the week days and Bill on the weekends .. cooking, of course!

Chris and Kristen are in the process of buying a house not too far from us.

Jeff and Amanda continue to write new songs and perform them as openings come up .. all for and to the Glory of God ... great music from dedicated Christians :-)

Bill's working p/t and volunteering and riding his motorcycle ... a full summer for him and he's smilig big time because of his semi-retirement! Hey ... me, too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

DeOme - Spillman Wedding

It was a beautiful wedding but sadly, no longer able to be viewed here. The Newlyweds are doing well :-)

Watch live video from Windsor Hills Baptist Church on