Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Excuses!

No real excuse except that we've been busy. Fall just swept right past us and tomorrow is the first day of winter. We've had several little snow storms, already ... nothing to exciting unless you listen to the news. I suppose if the weather is the big newsmaker, then no one is getting murdered ..

There was a big ice storm south and east of us ... power was out for days. All is restored, now ... just in time for blizzard like conditions for the next two days.

Thanksgiving was super this year (as usual) with a visit from Brandon and Cindy; boys Perry, Bryan and Braden. Bill, Julie and Erika came for the weekend, too. A housefull of family ... wonderful! Jeff and Amanda came for the day and Chris, Kristen and Isabella came for the morning and Dad's BIG breakfast.

Christmas is coming and should be a feeding frenzy just like Thanksgiving :-)

Seriously, though .. Christmas is just a wonderful time to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our friends and family. To think that God's son willingly gave up his home in heaven to come to earth, born in a stable, lived a poor carpenters life then gave that up to teach men of His purpose for them; died an horrible death ... and he did it for us. Why? ...because men needed to be redeemed from their sinful nature and it was going to take a sacrifce. This was God's plan ... giving us free will to choose right or wrong and then providing a way out .., again, a choice.

Merry Christmas to our friends and family ...may our God reign in your heart and Jesus shine through your life.