Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer's Fun

With summer well underway, I thought I would pop on here and say hi ... just in case my annonymous message leaver checks up on me. Such a friend ... checking to see if I upload anything new!

It has been great to wake in the morning and realize I don't have to go work ... for several more weeks! There's the pool to clean, the house to clean, the boxes of stuff left over from our "flood" to go through, ... hmmmm... sounds like work to me.....

This week is Vacation Bible School ... 78 kids the first night with more on the 2nd. Our church has so much fun with the kids. The junior high and highschool get to go to "pink chicken" for their lessons and then hop a school bus for a trip to Alter-Whittaker Beach for some true summer fun. The younger ones have their lessons in the church, crafts (that's me) and snack, too. Their games are out in the parking lot and usually have something to do with water or at least getting dirty! If it rains outside, they play games inside .. hopefully with no water :-)

Crafts have been "challenging" this year; not only for the kids but for the adults as well! One of them took over an hour for me to make and I had my 8 year old granddaughter helping me! Glue does not dry quickly in humid weather.

Speaking of my 8 year old granddaughter, her birthday was last week and she celebrated all week long! First she had her "kid" party in NJ complete with cupcakes which when placed together formed a beautiful horse. Then she got to celebrate it again at the Johnson Family Reunion in Northville! (Her Grandmother Worden was a Johnson.) So our "baby" is growing up!

But not to be outdone, our REAL baby granddaughter, Isabella, turned 1 just before Erika's birthday and got to celebrate as well. She is such a doll baby! With hair that reminds of Chris' when he was little ...not able to be styled :-) She loves to talk and makes the cutest noises when she plays and reads. Reading books is a favorite. She takes small steps by herself but prefers crawling when she really wants to get somewhere. She loves the cats ... one of them even lets her!

Well, times a wasting! Guests for lunch tomorrow, so must get the dining room ready. Plans are being made for Bill's retirement party in September and more crafts to get ready for VBS.

Hopefully I'll have some summer pics to post in a week or two. Catch you then!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's About Time ...

It's about time I posted!

What a wonderful vacation this spring ... through Pennsylvania to visit friends who live in a quiet county with lots of Amish and no tourists; on to Lancaster Co, with lots of Amish and MANY tourists (where we enjoyed Sight and Sound Theatre); on to Gettysburg to stay in a B & B on the battlefield ... VERY interesting and a 'must do again' destination; on down through Virginia on the Skyline Drive, staying at Skylands Resort ... may need to do that again, too! Across VA to the coast to stay with Aunt Barb (Babs) and Uncle Bob ... just a super family with endless stories! On up to Washington DC to take in the memorials ... WW2 is awesome! Police Memorial is, too! To Pennsylvania, again to visit with cousins and have lunch with them at a Cracker Barrel ...doesn't get much better than that! Into New Jersey to spend the night with Bill, Julie and Erika (who had a fishing contest .. just for fun!) and home again ... sigh! It was a GREAT 10 days.

No sooner was school out, literally, when Bill scooped me up in the parking lot and whisked me away on still ANOTHER vacation!!! Our annual trek to Maine to take in the sights, sounds and smells of York Beach, Freeport and Bailey Island. We managed to pack in a lot in just 4 days, even worked around some bad weather. Fog didn't stop us, but the rain slowed us down :-) We were able to attend church in Kittery (The Church at Spruce Creek) which is our church away from church. Enjoyed our open door to the balcony just feet away from the ocean ... high tide is magnificent at night, in the dark! Our favorite breakfast place is The Goldenrod and they just happen to make the best salt water taffy! Lobster (for me) for dinner each night ... mmmm .... Fosters, Lobster Cove, Cooks ... it's hard to wait another whole year! My feet long for the damp sand and edge of the surf. My appetite longs for lobster, too ... but it just doesn't taste as good inland at The Weathervane or Red Lobster .... SIGH!!!