Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring has Come and is Almost Gone!

Where have I been? Really .. someone tell me!! Retiring in January, you'd think I would have time to update this blog ... but that's what happens when you start really digging into your hobbies. had me in it's grips so badly that I suffered from tendonitis for months. Awful, really. Had trouble lifting, pulling, grabbing. Housework suffered, but that's one of those things that will wait.

Subbing for the local school districts has been a great adventure; lots of fun meeting new kids and reuniting with "old" ones from my Pre K days at Warren St. School. I can't believe they remember me. I've been quite busy subbing; some weeks working every day.

The family is fine ... hard to believe Erika will be 9 this summer and "baby" Isabella will be 2. She's been practicing for a while ... talks up a storm and repeats EVERY thing she hears :-) Mom an Dad Pitcher are doing well. Their birthdays this summer will have them 86 and 90 respectively with a wedding anniversary of 66 years, too.

That's it .. just a quick update. Enjoy your summer and share your pictures!

We are making plans to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary this June ... a party here at the house, renewing our wedding vows in church and then a 2nd honeymoon to parts NORTH.