Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer is Here!

Wow! It sure took it's time but summer is finally in full bloom around these parts. The pool is so inviting, we just might take a late night plunge ... still so humid outside. Water temp is 83.

Yesterday was Bill's dad's 90th birthday. We had a fine celebration for him with all the fixin's! Cold cuts, salads, ziti and a beautiful cake (made by my daughter in love, Julie!) Lots of friends and family sure made the day special.

Bill read an essay he wrote just for his Dad ... he choked up at the end when he tried to say Happy Birthday, Dad. Whew ... everyone else was swallowing their tears, as well. Amanda, another daughter in love, wrote a cute song and sang about 1919 and events that took place at that time. Bill's brother Jim read a letter from their sister who is in the Philippines with her husband as missionaries.

Standing room only and no one wanted to leave the air conditioned building :-) Lots of nice presents and balloons. One bunch from Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob in Virginia had a balloon that read: "I demand a re-count!" Granddaughter, Isabella had a grand time chasing balloons and "falling" down ... she is SO two! She had everyone smiling and laughing. Erika, our other granddaughter helped serve the cake, along with her cousins. Such a grown up little girl! I'm not allowed to call her "little" anymore :-( She did agree to let me call her a "little, big girl." *sigh*

I hope to upload pics soon, but for now, here's a video clip that we made just for the special occasion. It better work .. I spent HOURS and HOURS on this thing!