Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh the SHAME of it!

I decided to get serious about blogging last year and kept up with myself fairly well; then sunk to a new low this past spring. It's been a few days since April 25th and not that my life is so interesting that anyone has missed any thing, but some of you get a good laugh (or cry) and just a knowing smile out of the antics I post and I hate to disappoint people! I am ashamed of my self. (anyone laughing, yet?) Thanks for the inspiration!

Bill and I buried ourselves up at and finally surfaced for air, only to find it was still raining. ENOUGH! We are trying so hard not to whine because other states have had it much worse than us. But we opened for business the end of May and made as much all Memorial Weekend as we did on one day last year. It was cloudy and cool the next weeknd and the one following that, it rained both days. Last weekend we had nice weather and finally had some business on Father's Day. FINALLY we can pay our bills! I hate leaving people hanging like that, especially since some of them, like Cal's Printing and DeJong Septic let us take the goods before paying! (Well, DeJong delivered, actually ... and they also take away ....)

We're hoping for a nice weekend (to make up for this past week) and, since it's graduation weekend (here in upstate NY) AND my birthday, we are having some special specials! Graduates play free and so do my friends! We also get to eat cake!

I did have a good laugh last weekend. It seems that Mooch (aka Kittykittykitty) realized the mini golf was opened for the season and came running over to visit; only to lie down (as usual) on hole #18 (unusual) and block the putt. What was so funny was, as the ball hit her in the butt, she didn't move. She didn't even flinch. She just laid there like the Queen Kitty that she is and we had to remove her so this family could finish their game...if they could finish their game as they were laughing so hard no one could breathe! Kittykittykitty (as I like to call her) was oblivious to the laughter and had the nerve to return to #18 to lay down AGAIN! She finally found wandrered off on her own hopefully to chase some mice, a local red squirrel or to intimidate still another cat from entering HER property. Sheesh!! I feel like I'm opening a petting zoo!