Monday, January 18, 2010

January 2010

Is anyone else having trouble typing 2010? I keep getting my fingers mixed up and have attempted several times to join the year 2100. I don't think I'll be around then. If I am, NO ONE is allowed to take any pictures of me!

New Year's Day came in like a lamb. It was above freezing and everyone was healthy. A few days later we were sick, but not too .. just enough to give us some immunity, we hope :-) We also hope March comes in like a lamb, too. I don't like winter as much as I used to....

All is quiet .. we like it this way! The grandchildren are growing and happy. The children are working hard and enjoying their families and cats and dogs and guitars and drums. I've heard from nieces and nephews and saw pictures of a grand niece and a grand nephew .. such doll babies!! I know why we live so far away from each other. I would probably smother the babies with kisses and we ALL KNOW how much THAT is appreciated!!

I did have one niece comment on my last post :-) She posted as annonymous and I'm DYING to find out if she blogs! She is intelligent, creative, thoughtful and too far away from me. We grew up together more like sisters and seldom fought. BJ ... come back online!!!

I've been "messing" with Google/Picasa/Blogger and who knows where my pictures and trips and posts will show up! I try to keep some things private but want people to be able to find me ... hmmm .. that's tricky. Do me a favor, and let me know if my blog appears too public for my own good.

No real big personal plans for January or February. We are both working part-time and enjoying it. Bill is involved in a grassroots attempt to re-introduce a Sportsmen's Day through Sacandaga Bible Conference and this is taking up lots of his waking moments. It should be a great day and if it works, I'll link my blog to it. Lots of different vendors and a great guest speaker. Men and women are invited and I hope to be there helping with registration or something.

Hoping to take a sun and warmth seeking vacation to VA in March, much as last year .. we have family down there we don't get to see very often. There are pics on here of last year's trip so I won't do that again :-) unless they are REALLY, REALLY good!

January thaw has come ... it was 43 degrees at noon but has come down a bit .. to 39. This is what we needed to help clear out some of the icky, icy areas in our driveway to a degree ... at least now, if it snows, we won't have a speed bump of ice to contend with as well.

Well, this has been more of a blahg than a blog, but creativity is out the window today ... some days are like that. I really should put a poem or two on here ... I wrote them last year and wanted to get them copyrighted first, but that hasn't happened. Too lazy, I guess :-) Several of them could actually make great children's books and it was suggested that I look into that. I may ... still enjoying my first year of retirement (aka doing nothing) to get too involved in something as time consuming as that! Time will tell.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

(semi) RETIRED! A Year in Review

A Happy New Year's day walk behind our house

A visit to Isabella's house

Amanda made us proud at the Donkey Basketball Game at NCS!

Coach Bill and his team, including Erika

Winter vacation to Virginia Beach, VA

Spring vacation to Letchworth State Park, NY

Spring brings ice cream and checkers at Wemple and Edicks

Sorting seeds for Grammy

A lovely red fox in our back yard

Recorder concert at Erika's school

Kristen's art show in Saratoga

Renewing our wedding vows and celebrating our 35th anniversary!

Portland Head Light, Portland ME

On top of Cadillac Mt., Acadia National Park, ME

At Bubble Pond in Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, ME

At Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, CA

Near Rustico, PEI (aka Avonlea)

At Green Gables, storybook home of "Anne" ... actual home of LM Montgomery's cousin

The beautiful farmland of Tantramar (Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada) where my great grandfather, David Sherman Alverson was born. Very interesting history.

Eating lobster (of course) on Prince Edward Island

Who turned 90?
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Our new little friend came to play at Grandview Mini Golf.

Hailee, a faithful and fun worker

One Less Star perfroms in Amsterdam at Riverfront Park

"Last Vestiges of Summer" vacation to Atlantic City, NY and Ocean City, MD

Fall brings pumpkins; big and little ones :-)

Sacandaga Bible Conference, where Bill is on the Board and likes to spend his time volunteering

Fall turned to Winter Very Quickly

Thanksgiving morning

Isabella playing, "Baby's Stuck in the Window" with her mommy, Kristen.

Christmas celebrations abound in our household: At our home with Chris and Kristen, in Chatham with Bill's family and in NJ with Bill and Julie, Jeff and Amanda.

Bill's birthday falls on Christmas Day so we get to have some fun with his cake at the family gathering every year :-)