Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ta Dahhhh!!! Fall ....

Hey! What happened to summer? My tomato plants are asking the same thing. They sit there with green tomatoes ... My corn is almost ready to be picked which seems a bit late but I had to plant it three times .. once because of temps and twice more because of birds! They didn't like the balloons that hung out there this last time :-)

Grandview Mini Golf was our busy spot this summer, having taken it over from our son and daughter-in-love. Friends own it but lease it to the Pitchers each year .. at least one more year, I think then they may be ready to run it themselves. They're quite busy with several other investments and enjoy having us in charge up there. One less thing for them to worry about.

Sacandaga Bible Conference was my other place of "employment" this summer :-) Actually I volunteered there as their arts and crafts director. Fun stuff with, at one time, 34 kids at 3 picnic tables! It could have been worse ... it could have rained! They brought mne another table! WHEW! Looking forward already to next year ... great couselors/staff and great kids, too!

But summer is over and after a few weeks of "me" time, I will be back to subbing in the school districts. I really enjoy this ... two or three times a week and ther rest of the week is mine! Bill does the same thing with the Sherrif's dept.

With all this time on our hands, you'd think the housework/landscape work would be done! HA!

We are planning our annual "Last Vestiges of Summer" vacation to Ocean Ctiy NJ in a few weeks ... Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

Right now, as I type, Bill and a friend are on the first part of their "New England Road Trip." Bill has a new motorcycle .. Harely Davidson Road King that replaces the one he wrecked earlier this summer. He was only slightly injured and the other motorcylist he hit was ok .. both bikes totaled, though. Thankful for the lessons learned.

That's about it ... see you all when it's winter. Ta Dahhhh!!! ... just about that fast, too!