Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wow! Wednesday!

1. What are two or three expectations you have of yourself? 
Losing weight; Staying young at heart; Keeping fit.  Two out of three isn't too bad!  I must keep plugging along...

2. In what way does your outdoor space need sprucing up this spring?

Decks need to be repaired. Flower beds need some TLC. I have the time but not the patience. We are getting an inground pool so I must get my act together and start being a little fussy!  The local Amish produce auction will have some plants, trees pretty soon and that should rev me up! 

3. According to this site (Roadtrippers), six of North America's most wondrous waterfalls are-Webster's Falls in OntarioUpper Whitewater Falls in North Carolina, Havasu Falls in the Grand CanyonMultnomah Falls in OregonThe Lower Yellowstone Falls, and Niagara. Have you seen any on the list? Which one on the list would you most like to visit? Prettiest waterfall not on the list that you've seen in person?

We've been to Niagara... whoa!!!!  In the winter, they are frozen over and the mist freezes 6-10 inches thick on the railings of the fence!  There's a small but wide waterfall on a back road near where I grew up.  They didn't have a name for it... I wish I could lay my hands on the picture!  A friend just visited Yosemite Falls and her pics and video were amazing!

4. Looking back, what's something you wish you'd done as a teenager?
Studied harder so I could have had better grades. 

5. Ham...yes please or no thank you? If you said yes please which of the following do you like best-baked ham with all the trimmings, a ham and cheese sandwich, prosciutto with melon, a ham biscuit, a bowl of split pea and ham soup, or a slice of pizza topped with ham and pineapple?
I love all of the above except the was ruined with pineapple :-(   

6. Are you typical of your generation? How so?

Probably not. I never tried drugs. Not even marijuana. I'm guessing that 1/2 of my graduation class smoked a joint at least once. I had no desire. My desire was to love the Lord my God and be someone people younger than me could look up to.  I wanted to serve God more than serve myself. I wasn't always successful, but He understood... and never gave up on my desire to serve.  I can look back and see where he was leading and at the time, I thought I was wandering! HAHA!  Hey...  This scenario has repeated itself many times...  There is always grace, hope, love and forgiveness when there is repentance.

7. April rolls in at the end of the week, and in keeping with that theme...'act the fool', 'nobody's fool', 'a fool's errand', 'could have fooled me'...which foolish idiom most recently applies to you? Explain.
Tough one. April 1st is our 2nd son's birthday.  Called my mom at 3AM that morning, over 30 years ago and she thought I was fooling!  Yeah, Mom! I waited up til 3AM to play a joke... She said, "I mean about you having another boy!"  More laughter!!  Not fooling about that, either! 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Here he is about 34 years ago:


shortybear said...

enjoyed your answers.

Joyce said...

Happy birthday to your son! An inground pool-that's exciting! Hope you have a great weekend!